TS3DNS provides a consistent custom hostname and control panel for your Teamspeak 3 servers and we will soon be substantially expanding and upgrading our network to ensure stability and speed worldwide. Our goal is to provide a consistent and reliable service that you can count on to work 24/7/365.

With already well more than 100,000 free accounts we will simply not be able to keep the service running with the growing demand if we do not make a change. Starting June 15th 2015 we will be discontinuing our free service and as such all existing accounts will no longer receive one free zone and existing zones will be valid for 35 days since your last login.

Please take this time to signup to keep this service running. If you signup for TS3DNS.com within the next 45 days you can get TS3DNS.com service for only $4.99 for the first year. That is a 50% discount off our already low price, after the first year the price will be $9.99 per year. (This offer ends 07/31/2015)

TS3DNS.com is a service that allows users to connect to Teamspeak 3 servers without having to specify the IP or the port number. Some of the benefits of using TS3DNS.com are:

TSDNS zone limits up to 100.

Whether you host your own TS3 server from home or host with a ATHP you can take advantage of all these features starting at $1.30 per month.